Estonia Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Estonia. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Estonia facts.

City Region Country Population
Tallinn Harjumaa Estonia 394,024
Tartu Tartu Estonia 101,092
Narva Ida-Virumaa Estonia 66,980
Kohtla-Jaerve Ida-Virumaa Estonia 46,060
Paernu Paernumaa Estonia 44,192
Viljandi Viljandimaa Estonia 20,309
Rakvere Laeaene-Virumaa Estonia 16,736
Sillamaee Ida-Virumaa Estonia 16,672
Maardu Harjumaa Estonia 16,630
Kuressaare Saare Estonia 14,921
Voru Vorumaa Estonia 14,631
Valga Valgamaa Estonia 13,945
Haapsalu Laeaene Estonia 11,805
Johvi Ida-Virumaa Estonia 11,469
Paide Jaervamaa Estonia 9,735
Keila Harjumaa Estonia 9,411
Kivioli Ida-Virumaa Estonia 6,953
Tapa Laeaene-Virumaa Estonia 6,551
Polva Polvamaa Estonia 6,504
Jogeva Jogevamaa Estonia 6,396
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