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12-Month Business Budget Template in Excel

Use this 12-month business budget template in excel to help manage your business income and spending. It’s a reliable tool to use with its featured built-in formulas.

12-Month Business Budget Template in Excel
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Creating a business budget is one of the most important aspects to consider when managing a business. It is through this budget plan that business owners can determine whether their business is growing or losing money.

The 12-month business budget template has been created with the sole purpose of helping you manage your business’ income and expenses. This business expense spreadsheet in excel can cover your business’ monthly income and expenses and help control your overall spending.

It has sections for the month, total income, total expenses, NET income, year total, operating income, non-operating income, and expense areas including operating expenses, non-recurring expenses, payroll expenses, office supplies, health, entertainment, and vacation/holiday.

When using the small business expenses spreadsheet, you can refer to the instructions provided below.

Instructions in Using Business Budget Template:

  1. Enter your business’ monthly income. The first step when using this template is to identify how much your business is making per month. Businesses typically have operating income as well as non-operating income.
  • Operating income = refers to the income acquired directly from a business’s core operations
  • Non-Operating income = refers to the income derived from activities not related to an organization’s core business operations, e.g., interest income, donations, etc.
  1. List down your organization’s expenses. This template includes the most basic expense categories in a business setting. List down your organization’s expenses under any applicable category, be it under operating expenses, non-recurring expenses, payroll expenses, office supplies, health, entertainment, or vacation/holiday.

The featured expense categories are only examples, therefore, feel free to change them according to your business needs.

  1. Indicate amount for each expense listed. For every expense listed above, its amount should also be indicated on the same row. The template has formulas so calculations are autogenerated.

  2. Review your business budget summary. A summary table is provided at the uppermost part so you can easily get an overview of how much your business is making and spending on a month to month basis. A NET income is featured to display the difference between the total income and expenses. At the top right section of the template, the Year Total is also indicated for easy viewing of the running total for the income and expense based on monthly entries.