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Budget and Expense Tracker in Word (Printable)

Keep track of your personal or business expenses with the help of this budget and expense tracker. It’s printable and downloadable in Word.

Budget and Expense Tracker in Word (Printable)
Word Template
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Keeping track of your expenses, be it in a personal or business setting proves helpful when managing your finances. It helps you make sure you’re sticking to your financial goals.

If you want to track your expenses, you’re in the right page. This expense tracker in Word allows you to track your planned budget and the actual expenses spent. It helps you calculate whether you have gone over or under your budget.

The bill tracker allows you to list down your expenses in a weekly basis. It also features a summary table where you can keep records of the specific month you’re tracking, the total income, total expenses, and net income for that month.

For those who prefer an auto-calculated template, the expense tracker in excel is recommended for you.

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