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Simple Budget Tracker in Excel

This budget tracker in excel format helps you spend your money more wisely. It keeps records of your expense’s budgeted amount as well as its actual spending.

Simple Budget Tracker in Excel
Excel Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

Ensure your money is used wisely by using this monthly budget template in excel. It helps you understand how you’re spending your money, leading you to become more financially aware.

The budget spreadsheet has simple features and can be customized easily. The topmost part covers the summary featuring sections on the specific month you’re tracking, your total income, total expenses, and net income.

A table is provided underneath where you can enter your expenses, its budgeted amount, its actual spending, and its difference. A notes section is also provided so you can leave any comments if needed.

This money tracker can be used as a personal expense tracker or as a business expense tracker. It’s available in multiple designs so feel free to download it in your preferred layout. It’s free to use, edit, print, or download.


  1. Indicate which month you’re tracking along with your income. At the topmost part of the template, indicate the specific month you’re tracking as well as your total income for the said month.

  2. List down your expenses. Under the expenses column, list down all expenses spent for the month, e.g., rent, utilities, transportation, etc.

  3. Enter the budgeted amount. In every expense listed, enter its budgeted amount on the same row.

  4. Enter the actual spending. To compare data, enter the actual spending for each expense. The template has formulas so all sections needing calculations are auto-calculated.

  5. Review your budget tracker. Upon entry of all details, you can review your tracker to see whether or not you have exceeded your planned budget.

  6. Leave notes if needed. Feel free to leave comments on the template if deemed necessary.

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