2021 The Netherlands Calendar with Holidays

The The Netherlands 2021 yearly calendars on this page starts on Sunday and it include list of holidays in The Netherlands for year 2021. Multiple styles are available which are all free to download, print, edit, or customize. All one-page yearly calendars are based on Gregorian calendar.

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Additional Information

The calendars above are some of the free downloadable and printable high-quality yearly calendars for The Netherlands. Easy to edit calendar versions are available in Microsoft Word and Excel.

The The Netherlands 2021 Excel calendar versions are best for maintaining an online calendar, in which you can easily save the calendar to your computer. You may edit and add your schedule to the calendar and it allows you to view the The Netherlands holidays through the year.

Plan your events easily with the 2021 The Netherlands Word calendar versions. Customize and add your events, schedules, and reminders. Once you have completed your calendar, you can easily email or print your event calendar with your co-workers and friends.

The 2021 PDF calendar version is optimized for printing purposes. These PDF calendars are perfect when you need to print a one-page calendar containing the entire 12 months in a single page and the list of holidays in The Netherlands. It is perfect for putting on the desk, boards or for personal use at the fridge.

All yearly calendars for The Netherlands in this page start on Sunday and doesn't include week numbers. If you are simply looking for an online calendar to print, a print button is provided in each calendar style so you can print a calendar directly without having to download the calendars.

Upcoming The Netherlands Holidays
Holiday Date
Prince's Day September 17, 2024
Saint Martin November 11, 2024
St Nicholas' Eve December 05, 2024
Kingdom Day December 15, 2024
Christmas Day December 25, 2024
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