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Employee Travel Expense Report Template in Excel

Use this Travel Expense Report in Excel to get reimbursements from all expenses spent during your trip. Receipts should be attached along with this form.

Employee Travel Expense Report Template in Excel
Excel Template
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Employees going on a business trip are expected to submit a travel expense report to their employers after returning from the trip. This is primarily done for the employees to get travel expenses reimbursement from their employers. At the same time, this is also a way for the employers to track and keep records of such expenses. With that, this template would be a great help to you. You can use this travel expense report form as originally designed or as reference for creating your own expense report.

This excel travel expense template is the perfect version for those who want an auto-calculated expense report. Use this template so you can save time while tracking your expenses. It’s designed with formulas; therefore, you don’t need to do the calculations yourself. All sections needing computations should autogenerate calculations upon entry of figures under any of the expense areas provided.

Complete this travel and expense tracker by filling out details in each blank section. Sections featured include the purpose of your travel, reimbursement address, employee name, department, pay period, date of travel, description, daily total, total expenses, employee signature, authorizer signature, and date. Various expense areas are also provided which include transportation, lodging, meals, and miscellaneous expenses. To use this template, refer to the following instructions:

Instructions in using the Expense Report:

  1. Enter purpose of travel along with your reimbursement address.

  2. Enter employee name, department, and pay period.

  3. Enter date of travel.

  4. Enter description of each expense, e.g., specific name of hotel, restaurant, vehicle mileage, etc.

  5. Indicate specific amount of expenses spent under columns of expense areas applicable to you, e.g., transportation, lodging, meals, or miscellaneous expenses.

Just enter amounts on expense areas applicable to you and you may leave the other fields/columns blank. Once these figures are entered, sections for daily total and total expenses should autogenerate calculations.

  1. Attach signatures of both the employee and the manager/supervisor at the lowermost section of the template for validation purposes.

  2. Review, email, or print the completed expense report.

Receipts of all expenses should also be attached along with this travel expense sheet before sending it to the designated company department who would handle the reimbursements. Feel free to also change any of the labels/headings featured in this expense tracker based on your needs.

Edit, print, or download this template for free. It’s the perfect tool for tracking your travel expenses. It’s also designed with light colors and can be customized easily. You can download and edit it in your phone, laptop, or tablet.

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