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Free Business Income and Expense Tracker in Excel (Simple)

Get this free business income and expense tracker in excel and start tracking your business expenses. It’s one of our most simple expense trackers.

Free Business Income and Expense Tracker in Excel (Simple)
Excel Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

This free business expense tracker is a high quality template you can use to control your business expenses. It’s the perfect tool specially designed for small business owners who want to track their income and spending.

Print or download this business expense tracker in Excel. It has sections for the month, net income, date, source of income, expense category, amount, total income, and total expenses.

This tracker is one of the many income and expense trackers provided by General Blue that are free to use, print, or download.

Instructions in Using the Excel Income and Expense Tracker :

  1. Indicate which month you’re tracking. At the topmost part of the template, indicate the specific month you want to track.

  2. Enter date and source of income. Enter the date as well as your business’ sources of income. A business can have two incomes:

  • Operating income = refers to the income acquired directly from a business’s core operations
  • Non-operating income = refers to the income acquired from activities not related to the business’ core operations, e.g., interest income, donations, and others.
  1. Specify amount for each income. In every income listed, specify its corresponding amount on the same row.

  2. Enter date and expense category. Enter the specific date when an expense is incurred as well as the specific expense item.

  3. Specify amount for each expense. In every expense listed, enter its corresponding amount on the same row.

  4. Review your income and expense tracker. Upon entry of all details, you can review your tracker to see your business’ total income, total expenses, and net income.

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