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Hourly Timesheet Template in Excel (Blue)

This Excel hourly timesheet can be used to capture an employee's time over a two-week period. It auto calculates employee hours based on the daily time entry.

Hourly Timesheet Template in Excel (Blue)
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Maintaining an organized record of an employee's working schedule can be made easier with the help of this timesheet. Edit, print, or download this hourly timesheet for free. It can be used for tracking employee hours over a two-week period.

This timesheet template in Blue design includes sections for the company name, employee name, start date, date, day of week, total, weekly total, total hours, approved by, and approval date. It also features multiple columns for the work hours rendered, be it regular, overtime, or company-provided paid time off (PTO) hours such as holidays, sick leave, vacation leave, or others.

With basic details, the employee timesheet is easy to use or customize. You can use it as originally designed, or you can redesign it if preferred.

This timesheet calculator excel also has built-in formulas, so you can save time while time tracking. The total hours are automatically calculated for you based on your daily time entry. For further details on how to use this timecard template, you can check out the instructions provided below.


  1. Enter company and employee name.

  2. Enter start date of the work week. Once start date is entered, the remaining dates for the week will be automatically generated.

  3. Enter work hours rendered for each day. Enter your daily work hours under the columns applicable to you. It could be under the regular hours, overtime hours, or company-provided paid time off (PTO) hours such as holidays, sick leave, vacation leave, or others.

You can enter your work hours using this sample format, e.g., 8 for regular 8 hours work. Once these details are entered, sections for the total, weekly total, and total hours should auto calculate.

  1. Review the completed timesheet. Review the timesheet to ensure accuracy of details entered. It should now be ready for the manager’s approval or review.

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