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Monthly Bill Tracker in Excel (Blue)

This monthly bill tracker template allows you to keep track and maintain records of your monthly bills. It can be edited, printed, or downloaded in excel.

Monthly Bill Tracker in Excel (Blue)
Excel Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

Download or print this excel spreadsheet to track your monthly bills. This bill tracker template allows you to keep records of your bills or expenses along with their due dates, and respective amounts.

The monthly payment tracker is designed with checkboxes so you can also tick the boxes of any bills that have already been paid.

If this bill payment tracker works for you, you can download it anytime. You can edit it in your phone, tablet, desktop, or other available devices. It’s free to use and free to modify.

Customize the bill tracker according to your personal or business needs.


  1. Enter specific month.

  2. List down your bills. Under the designated column, list down all your monthly bills, e.g., rent/mortgage, utilities, etc.

  3. Enter the bill’s due date. Enter the specific due date for each bill listed.

  4. Enter amount for each bill. For each bill listed, enter its corresponding amount on the same row. Once amount for each bill is entered, the template will auto-calculate your total monthly bill.

  5. Leave a check mark for every paid bill. For every paid bill, leave a check mark on the checkbox provided.

  6. Add notes (if applicable). Feel free to add any notes or comments on the template if deemed necessary.

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