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Multiple Employee Timesheet With Approval Status in Word

This free printable and downloadable multiple employee timesheet template features section for approval status. It is available in Word format.

Multiple Employee Timesheet With Approval Status in Word
Word Template
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This multiple employee timesheet can be used by businesses with multiple employees to track employee clock in and clock out hours. It features section for approval status, allowing managers or supervisors to approve or reject each employee’s time card upon review.

Complete the template by filling out details on the blank fields provided. The template features basic sections, making it easy to use or customize. Sections featured include the company name, date, employee name, time in, time out, lunch, total hours, approval status, manager’s name, and signature.

This multiple employee timesheet template Word also has minimal colors, making it the perfect printable version. Edit, print, or download this template for an easier time tracking of employee hours. You can download the word or excel version of this timesheet and edit it in your computer, laptop, phones, or any other local machines.

It’s also available in multiple formats, however, if you want an auto-calculated time card, the free excel timesheet template for multiple employees is the recommended version to use. Designed with formulas, it auto-calculates the total hours based on the time entry details of each employee.

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