New Employee Orientation Checklist in Word

This New Employee Orientation Checklist is downloadable in Word format. Use this form to help your new hires adjust to your company’s work environment.

New Employee Orientation Checklist in Word
Word Template
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This new staff onboarding checklist can help your new hires adjust to your company’s work environment. You only need to enter your company’s checklist items, along with its corresponding details/instructions based on your company policies.

This new employee orientation checklist includes sections for employee name, employee position, department, date hired, checklist items, instructions/details for each listed item, and a column indicating if item has been explained to the new hire. The lowermost part of the template features a section for the date and the employee’s and supervisor’s signatures. Listed items should be properly explained to the new employees/new hires before they can attach their signatures, along with the supervisor’s, in this form.

This template is a helpful tool for those who are looking for a blank new hire checklist. This template is also devoid of color, so it’s the perfect printable version. You can edit, print, or download this free new employee orientation checklist template in Word format.

The new employee onboarding checklist template in excel is the recommended version for those who want to edit the template prior to printing. For each completed task, you can simply mark the check box provided. The Excel format of this template features a dropdown option, so the user can put a check mark for each explained item.

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