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Parts and Labor Invoice in Word (Basic)

This parts and labor invoice in Basic design is free to use, edit, print, or download. It’s printable and downloadable in Word format.

Parts and Labor Invoice in Word (Basic)
Word Template
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The parts and labor invoice in Basic design is for those who need to keep track of materials used as well as hours of labor rendered to complete a specific task/project. This labor invoice template is printable and downloadable in Word format.

This labor invoice is very simple, consisting only of the most basic information needed in an invoice. The uppermost part includes sections for the date, invoice #, from and bill-to information, and the overall totals of the invoice. A table for the overall totals are provided to highlight the materials total, labor total, and invoice total. Thus, you can easily check them out instead of scrolling through the template to find any of these data.

A separate table is also featured to cover the materials and labor details. It includes sections for the material description, quantity, cost per item, materials total, labor description, hours, rate per hour, labor total, total, subtotal, invoice total, tax rate, total tax, and payment terms.

Moreover, this free printable labor invoice is designed with customizable features, so it’s easy to use or customize. Customize the template according to your needs. You can also add rows/columns for any additional information.

For those looking for an auto-calculated invoice, the labor invoice template excel is the recommended version to use.

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