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Printable Business Budget Template in Excel (Gray)

Print or download this printable business budget template in Excel for free. You can use this template as guide when doing any financial decision-making in the future.

Printable Business Budget Template in Excel (Gray)
Excel Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

Plan out your business activities by using this business plan budget template in Gray design. It can help you estimate your spending and predict the business’ revenue.

The business expenses spreadsheet template has sections for operating income, non-operating income, operating expenses, non-recurring expenses, total income, total expenses, NET income, and remarks. It also has columns for the business’ projected and actual spending and income.

This excel budget template is available in multiple designs so feel free to download your preferred layout. It’s free to use, edit, print, or download.

Instructions in Using the Excel Printable Business Budget Template:

  1. Enter your business’ projected income. The first step when using this template is to identify how much income you’re expecting your business to generate. Businesses typically have operating income as well as non-operating income.
  • Operating income = refers to the income acquired directly from a business’s core operations
  • Non-Operating income = refers to the income derived from activities not related to an organization’s core business operations, e.g., interest income, donations, etc.
  1. Enter your business’ actual income. To compare data, enter the actual income or earnings of your organization. The template has formulas so calculations are autogenerated. If the projected income is higher than the actual income, the Under/Over column will display a red font value, showing the difference between the actual income and projected income. This means you haven’t achieved your expected income.

  2. List down your organization’s expenses. This template is only a sample budget form therefore you have to manually list down your organization’s expenses. From your operating expenses, non-recurring expenses, to any other expenses deemed necessary for your business.

  3. Indicate the projected spending for each expense listed. For every expense listed above, its projected amount should also be indicated on the same row.

  4. Enter your business’ actual spending. To compare data, enter the actual amount spent for each expense listed. The template has formulas so calculations are autogenerated. If the actual expense is higher than the projected expense, the Under/Over column will display a value in a red font showing the difference between the actual amount spent and the projected budget. The red font value indicates that you have exceeded your projected budget.

  5. Review your business budget summary. A summary table is provided at the lowermost part so you can easily get an overview of how much your business is making and spending in a given period. The Under/Over column will give you information whether or not you have achieved your financial goals.

  6. Leave comments if needed. Under the remarks column, leave whatever comments or notes you might have relevant to your business budget.

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