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Weekly To Do List Template in Excel

For a better management of your weekly tasks, download this weekly-to-do list template in Excel format. It’s free to use, download, or print.

Weekly To Do List Template in Excel
Excel Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

Download this weekly to do list template for free. This template can be used to keep an organize record of your to do lists for the next seven days. You can use it as a guide on what tasks you should perform for each day of the week.

Complete this weekly task template by listing down your weekly goals, tasks, or plans. It features sections for the start date, end date, date, day of week, to do’s, status, and complete by. You can use this template for a better management of your time. It’s available for personal or business use.

Designed with light color, this printable to do list in Excel is the perfect printable version. You can download and edit it in your phone, computer, laptop, or any other devices.

Edit, print, or download this template anytime. It’s available in multiple formats, so just select your preferred document type. For those who prefer a less colorful to-do list template, you can use the Word or PDF version of this template.

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