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Employee Business Expense Report Template in Word

This Employee Business Expense Report in Word is simple and easy to use. It can help track all types of business expenditures spent by the employee.

Employee Business Expense Report Template in Word
Word Template
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For those looking for a simple employee business expense report, this template would be helpful to you. This template can help track all types of expenditures spent by the employee for business/work purposes. It’s the perfect tool for requesting business expense reimbursement.

Complete this expense report template by filling out details on the blank sections provided. The topmost part covers the employee information including the employee’s name, employee’s ID, and department, while the bottom part displays a section where signatures of both the employee and manager can be attached upon submission of the expense report. A table highlighting the employee’s business expenditures is also featured in this template. It includes the following columns:

  • Date - refers to the specific date when the expense was incurred

  • Description - refers to the specific description of each expense, e.g., specific name of hotel, restaurant, vehicle mileage, etc.

  • Expense Type - indicates the type of expenses spent by the employee, e.g., lodging, meals, entertainment, car, etc.

  • Amount Paid - refers to the specific amount paid for each expense. You should enter the total amount paid for each listed expense on the same row.

  • Total - is the section that should display the total expenses spent by the employee

Edit, print, or download this employee business expense in Word format. For those who want to customize the template, feel free to do so. It’s also designed with minimal colors, so you can save ink/toner when printing it out.

If you prefer to use an auto-calculated business expense report template, it is recommended to use the Excel version of this template.

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