Excel Fixed Asset List Template

This Excel Fixed Asset List Template will give you a detailed list of fixed assets owned by your organization. It's formatted to autogenerate calculations.

Excel Fixed Asset List Template
Excel Template
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This Fixed Asset List Template available in Excel format typically shows a detailed list of fixed assets owned by your company or organization. It keeps records of any type of fixed assets you have under your possession. This inventory tracking sheet is designed with formulas, therefore, it should autogenerate the needed calculations.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use excel asset tracking template, this template is perfect for you. It’s free to edit, customize, or download. Sections you need to fill out include the following:

  • Asset Name - refers to the name of the item/asset

  • Location/Assigned To - you can enter either the location or the person/department responsible for keeping the asset

  • Serial # or Other Identifier - refers to the unique number assigned on each product item. Enter the asset’s specific serial number or other identifier under this column.

  • Vendor - refers to the vendor or supplier of the item. It’s where you have acquired your assets from.

  • Purchase Date - refers to the specific date when your organization has acquired/bought the asset.

  • Quantity - refers to the total quantity you have for each listed asset

  • Value - refers to the unit value of the asset

  • Total Value - displays the product between the Quantity and Value amounts. Once figures are entered under the Quantity and Value columns, calculations should be auto generated under this section.

  • Total Asset Value - refers to the total value of the assets you have listed. This section also has a formula, so you don’t need to manually calculate it as it’s autogenerated.

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