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Printable Income and Expense Tracker Word

This Printable income and expense tracker in Word format allows you to easily track the source of income, expenses, as well as the difference between projected and actual amount of income/expense.

Printable Income and Expense Tracker Word
Word Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

Tracking your income and expenses can help manage your finances easily. This particular template is free to download, print, or edit. It is one of our simple income and expense tracker which allows you to list your source of income, the projected amount to receive in such income item, and the actual amount received from that item.

You can also list your categories of expenses, the projected amount, and the actual amount spent in such expenditure. It is very quick to use, free to modify according to your business or personal needs.

It also features under/over column which displays the difference of the actual and projected income/expense.

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