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Simple Income Tracker in Excel

This Simple income tracker in Excel is perfect for managing your finances. It allows you to track both your earnings and expenses for the month.

Simple Income Tracker in Excel
Excel Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

Tracking your income is as important as tracking your expenses. It gives you information on where you stand with your current finances and therefore helps you make better decisions when spending your money.

This free business income and expense tracker allows you to track your earnings from various income sources as well as the expenses spent for the month. It’s the perfect tool as it helps you spend your money more wisely.

The income tracker in excel is designed with formulas so your total income, total expenses, and net income are auto-calculated. It helps you save time when tracking your income and expenses.


  1. Enter month and date.

  2. Indicate your source of income along with your specific earnings.

Enter your sources of income under the designated column. Your income source may be from salary/wage, pension, investment, or others. Once earnings for each income is entered, the template will auto-calculate your total income.

  1. List down your expenses.

Under the expenses column, list down all expenses spent for the month, e.g., rent, groceries, utilities, transportation, etc. Once amount for each expense is entered, the template will auto-calculate your total expenses.

  1. Add notes (if applicable).

Feel free to add any notes or comments on the template if deemed necessary.

  1. Review your income tracker.

Check the topmost part of this template to review your income tracker. It should have details for your total income, total expenses, and net income. Your net income lets you know whether or not you have exceeded your budget.

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