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Printable Sales Invoice in Word (Basic)

The Printable Sales Invoice in Word can help record the business transaction made between a buyer and a seller. It’s available in Basic design.

Printable Sales Invoice in Word (Basic)
Word Template
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This free printable sales invoice in Word allows you to easily list down all goods/services purchased by your client or customer at a specific time. It helps you calculate how much is the amount owed for all items listed. Use this Basic template to keep an organize record of the transactions made between you and your client.

For those looking for a printable invoice template, this template would work for you. Edit, print, or download this template anytime. It has simple features, so it can be customized easily. You can use the template as originally designed or use it as a reference for creating your own sales invoice form.

Complete this sales invoice by filling out details on the sections provided. It features sections for the date, invoice #, sold by, bill-to address, item #, description, quantity, unit price, amount, subtotal, tax rate, sales tax, shipping charges, and invoice total. The lowermost part of this sales bill also displays a field where you can enter your business contact details just in case there are concerns regarding the invoice. It requires your name (or company name), phone number, and email.

If you want an auto-calculated invoice, it is recommended to use the excel sales invoice template.

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