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Time and Materials Invoice in Word (Simple)

This Word time and materials invoice in Simple design can be used for calculating the total cost of materials and labor used to complete a project.

Time and Materials Invoice in Word (Simple)
Word Template
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This time and materials invoice is a simple tool you can use for calculating the total cost of materials and labor used to complete a certain project. With basic features, it’s the perfect document to use.

The Simple invoice template contains very basic information needed in a T&M invoice. It has sections for the date, invoice #, due date, and from and bill-to information. A separate table is provided to highlight the materials and labor details. It features sections for the material description, quantity, cost per item, materials total, labor description, hours, rate per hour, labor total, total, and invoice total. The lowermost part also displays a section for the agreed payment terms between you and your client.

Complete the T&M template by simply filling out information on the sections provided. This time and materials has simple and editable features, making it easy to use or customize. Feel free to customize this T&M invoice form according to your business needs.

You can edit, print, or download this time and material form for free. It’s available in Word format. It can be downloaded and edited in your mobile phone, computer, laptop, or other devices.

If you want an auto-calculated time and material billing, you can use the Excel version of this template.

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