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Excel Beverage Inventory Template

For bar or restaurant owners, this excel beverage inventory template can help in tracking and recording any drinks/beverages offered by your establishment.

Excel Beverage Inventory Template
Excel Template
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Beverage inventory template is most helpful to those who’s running a bar, club, or restaurant. This template can be used to track any beverage or alcoholic drinks your establishment is offering/serving. You can download this template in Excel and use it to help run a smooth inventory of all drinks available in your premises.

Since this beverage inventory sheet features formulas, there’s no need for you to perform any manual calculations. The template is also designed with dropdown arrows, allowing you to easily filter your inventory items. Just select any of the dropdown arrows and choose the information you want to check or view.

Complete this inventory spreadsheet by filling out data on the blank sections provided. The topmost part features sections for company name, date, who prepared the inventory list, and signature. A separate table is featured underneath that to highlight all beverage-inventory details. It includes the following columns:

  • ID

  • Beverage/Liquor Brand

  • Size

  • Weight

  • Reorder Quantity - refers to the total amount of supply you need to reorder for each item. This field is important as having sufficient supplies mean a smoother business workflow. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider the reorder quantity of each item.

  • Quantity on Hand - number of supplies you currently have for each listed item

  • Unit Price - price/cost of each item

  • Inventory Value - displays the product between each item’s total quantity on hand and unit price. Once figures are entered under the quantity on hand and unit price columns, this section should autogenerate calculations.

Feel free to use this liquor inventory sheet as originally designed, or if preferred, you can also customize it according to your needs. It’s a great tool to use for your beverage inventory management. It’s very simple and can be edited easily. This beverage stocktake template is a basic form, so feel free to add any/rows or columns for any additional information.