Free Word Employee Templates

“Download free Microsoft Word Employee templates and customize the document, forms and templates according to your needs. With these templates, you can save time and effort by starting with a pre-designed layout that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

Weekly overtime Word sheet is designed to track both the regular and overtime hours rendered by the employee. It has simple and easy-to-use features.

Timesheet Weekly Timesheet Employee

This printable employee sign in sheet in Word is easy to use and customize. Employees only need to enter basic information along with their working hours.

Sign In Sheet Employee

The weekly timesheet template Word is designed with simple and easy-to-use features. It’s free to use, edit, print, or download.

Timesheet Weekly Timesheet Employee

The weekly timesheet with lunch breaks features columns covering your needed lunch breaks. Download this template in Word if it suits your needs.

Timesheet Weekly Timesheet Employee